T-64 tank

The first production tanks released in 1963 smoothbore cannon). In service T -64A.
The Soviet T - 64 tank is a Cold War oddity. Designed by the Kharkov Tank Factory in Ukraine, the armored vehicle represented a huge.
The Russian T - 64 Tank was an Innovative design, it was first to use laminate armour, a main gun which was later put on all Russian MBT & an.

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A new fire control system was issued as was a laser range finder and smoke grenade dischargers. Installed Power and Standard Road Performance. An improved cooling system and a new lightweight suspension was fitted, featuring hollow metallic wheels of a small diameter and caterpillar tracks with rubber joints. ACO — Allied Command Operations. Pay Chart Ranks Stucture. However, the proximity of the division to the factory was not random, but linked with anticipated teething problems during the introduction of these new technologies. Ukraine: DNR/DPR forces withdraw T-72 and T-64 tanks from frontlines T-64 tank