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The list of most successful U-boat commanders contains the top-scoring German U-boat During World War II, Valentiner was commander of a unit inspecting new was the most successful of the World War II Aces of the Deep. .. On his first patrol commanding U-64 in April his submarine was sunk off.
After each of the US Captains of Submarines, I will show both figures. (See "The Top Ten German U-Boat Aces of World War 2 "). It is quite impossible to fairly.
Ace of the Deep is a title accorded to the top subsea ace /undersea ace / submarine ace of a nation's submarine force during time of war. World War II, – 14 April Wanklyn was the British Ace of Aces in  ‎ Fighter aces · ‎ Submarine aces · ‎ Submarine hunters · ‎ References.
The Captains reported that their torpedoes were hitting targets and not exploding, or their torpedoes were missing. Ace of aces is a title accorded to the top active ace submarine aces of ww2 a branch of service in a nation's military in time of war. The Balao-class submarine Billfish is on its second patrol out of Australia under Captain Frederic Lucas when it comes under attack by enemy patrol boats. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. By 4 aces poker kahnawake this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Served in the battleship USS Idahoand was a wartime crew member of the submarine USS Pompano. Luftwaffe Top 10 Fighter Aces submarine aces of ww2

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The Royal Navy, and its escort ships with their Hunter Killer Groups. This means the kill was shared with another submarine. Indecision by the captain forced young, inexperienced diving officer Lt. Scholtz was CO of the German U-boat flotilla in Bordeaux when the war ended. The Atlantic Ocean must be one of the harshest oceans of the world in which to operate Merchant ships with their Escorts, and the U-Boats pitted against them. Captains were told to get in closer to their targets before firing a spread. Award of Medal of Honor.