savage model 40 super sporter

Ok, I bought a Savage Model 40 " Super Sporter " for my dad about a year ago because he wanted an old to shoot. Well it pretty much just.
Savage Super Savage Super Sporter serial: Yours is a model 40, the model 45 was the same gun only it was checkered. Hope this.
Actually, Savage marketed two models in this vein. The Model 40 was the basic model while the model 45 “ Super Sporter ” had some dress-up. A Weaver KASPA Series Rifle Scope. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. It is held in the wood by two screws, one into the recoil lug and one into the rear bottom of the rceiver. Leave the classic as is, they appreciate more in value that way. You may not post replies. Thanks for the info, it was damaged on the stock and repaired before it was given to me. 2017 Womens March you scoped the rifle, you'd have to build up the comb of the stock so you could use the scope. savage model 40 super sporter Savage .22 Longrifle Review