Armenians in Abkhazia

The ethnic cleansing of Georgians in Abkhazia, also known as the massacres of Georgians in Armenians, Greeks, Russians and moderate Abkhaz were also killed. Roughly to Georgian civilians became Internally displaced.
Armenians are the second largest ethnic community in Abkhazia. According to the latest population census, conducted in there are about.
Most of them, though, prefer to just speak Russian. An interview with Suren Kerselian, former president of the Armenian community in Abkhazia.

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My aunt, the Sukhumi community leader Marietta Topchian took a similar position. Several observers closely monitored the election process. When a member of the audience asked about new religious movements, the lecturer explained that the Abkhaz government has passed laws against the spread of religious cults. They installed machine guns and mortars on the top and placed people right on the field. Where you come from. In recent years, the Russian government has lifted many of the past restrictions on Abkhazia. Armenians in Abkhazia armenians have rights to claim Abkhazia...
Confederation of Mountain Peoples of the Armenians in Abkhazia. The effect was a life of misery for Abkhazians, including its Armenian population. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In fact, Armenians represent the second largest population. First, we do not perceive these repatriates as Turks. There is the overall Georgian effort to build up their military and to advertise that, and their President Mikhail Saakashvili regularly promises to re-gain control over Abkhazia.