Apple IIGS

The Apple IIGS (styled as IIGS) is a personal computer released by Apple Computer on September 15, 1986 that's compatible with the Apple II series, but  Memory ‎: ‎256 kB or 1 MB (expandable up to 8 MB).
Released on Apple's 10th anniversary, the first Apple IIGS computers (GS = graphics + sound) have the signature of "Woz" on the front. Price ‎: ‎US $999 without monitor.
The Apple IIgs really was an Apple II on steroids. It came with over a full meg of ram on the earlier models), up to 3200 color graphics, and 32 channel. Apple IIGS

Apple IIGS - contested

Neither of these modes was directly supported by the built-in BASIC, however, so the user had to resort to the use of lots of POKE and CALL commands in BASIC, or assembly language programming, or one of a number of software Toolkits to exploit these modes. The Medfly computer featured a faster processor, more memory, detached keyboard, lower and upper case characters, and a built-in disk controller. This has been tested, the diskette does not read disks, and the HDD has been removed. GSPort I've not had any experience with GSPort on any flavour of Linux, so it's up to you to get it running. This has been tested and it is in good working order. The technology is more trailing-edge than leading-edge in many areas", with speed and graphics inferior to that of the Amiga and Atari ST. WHAT IS THE APPLE IIGS? New Desk Accessories are small programs ranging from a Apple IIGS to simple word processors that can be used while running any standard desktop application. This process, called "recalibration", made a loud buzzing rapid mechanical chattering sound that often frightened Apple novices. Some of its features were carried over in the design of the Apple IIe. See Apple Computer, Inc. The case has some wear from use and needs some cleaning. When the "Apple IIe Workstation Card" was introduced, this capability was given to the IIe. While it Apple IIGS a great sound chip, its own RF emissions.