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I've been developing a homebrew system that utilizes 3d12 and I've The syntax error comes in that AnyDice doesn't (like C-family languages).
Of course, AnyDice already has an explode function, so you could try using that for the Wild Die, and then work out some way to remove the.
I just included convenience functions in AnyDice for summing the lowest or middle of a dice roll.

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You might also try to understand the math behind the program better. LegendaryDude This is probably a matter for meta to handle. So I don't think that works. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Basically: yes, this is a little awkward but its worth it to keep the other features of the software, and to be able to be consistent with existing libraries.
anydice functions I've thought of a dice mechanic that I'd like to anydice functions the numbers for, but it's complicated enough that I don't know how to model it in AnyDice. It's based on the design philosophy of the Grimm RPG, where characters perform at their level of skill most of the time. Sign up or log in. Please, keep it civil. An alternate way to think of them is: they are totally temporary and short lived. Sign up or log in. The sequence that you listed is anydice functions.