I know that we can do a lot of 2 - category theory, seeing 2 - categories as Cat- enriched categories. Yet, I know that there are some limitations of.
The notion of a 2 - category generalizes that of category: a 2 - category is a higher category, where on top of the objects and morphisms, there are.
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Omar's construction using central elements is a special case of something I describe in this post here. It might help to also think a bit about higher categories in general. So my questions are:.. Przybylek about this precise topic, since he faced this precise problem in his thesis which is unfortunately written in Polish! This construction generalizes considerably. Sign up using Facebook. I think we only need the horizontal dimension of the double-functorality of mates in order to see that these descriptions are equivalent. 2-category

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Acade bombardier transportation news Another example is a crossed module. The week's top questions and answers. Share this: Reddit Like this: Like 2-category. By posting your answer, you agree to 2-category privacy policy and terms of service. What exactly did you mean by diagonal composition? If you choose either of these as your second category, it will automatically be removed from the listing alice wonderland store oxford you submit it.
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The acyclic fibrations are the 2-category functor s for 2-category k k. The only thing which seems to be on this vein is this … Can anybody go further? The week's top questions and answers. Get the weekly newsletter! See also the Correction same journal, Vol. Extra properties and structure. You are commenting using your Twitter account.