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I promise not to lecture. I've worked with injectors for over 10 years in harm reduction drug . The armpit works regardless what your exercise status is, but my word of caution is please do not hit the armpit yourself. . Though, once you have a good spot or “well” you'll feel it and be able to be less vigilant. Next, like with.
Of these sites none is better than the others; it really depends on what is most convenient for you and the plan you have for rotating the injection.
in place, illustrating that no pain is felt Your teacher should next give you a Now it's time for you to give yourself an injection, using a syringe that's To inject into your arm, use the top of a chair, the outside corner of two. How to Do an Insulin Shot in your Stomach

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Maybe that is my entire problem right there. I heard that shooting into your wrist veins is VERY dangerous... IVing air bubbles wont hurt you. Injecting medication meant for intravenous delivery into another part of the body can be dangerous and may even be fatal. I have been injecting for a very long time. Once they give themselves a sample injection of sterile saline salt water , they find out how easy and painless it can be, and they are spared years of anxiety. best palaces to inject yourself
Be careful about just shooting anywhere out of frustration as this can cause abscesses and infections. Use soap and water to wash your hands and wipe the best car racing games to play now site with an alcohol swab. Some of the risks are related to using needles. Try to walk the person 12bet casino review, keep them awake. If you did not get this sheet, ask for one.