Armenians in Myanmar

The Armenian Church of St. John the Baptist, Yangon, Myanmar, Yangon, Myanmar. 404 likes · 317 talking about this. Consecrated in St. John the.
Researching Armenian Genealogy in Asia and Beyond Met the only Armenian still living in Myanmar - a 86 years old Mr. Martin (Mardirossian) whose brother.
In this post, Bay Area native and active AIWA-SF member, Noeme Chahenian shares her encounter of Armenians in Myanmar, Burma. Armenians in Myanmar

Armenians in Myanmar - college football

Hello Arpie, Unfortunately the Church and small Armenian center in Shanghai where my grand parents and great grand parents settled is no longer standing… My great grandparents first settled in Mazhoulii, China in the north near Mongolia. The only Armenian left in Myanmar. Church no longer allows him to conduct religious services. It's a beautiful building, a patch of calm in a bustling city. Let me know if you have any questions, you can email me directly. A recent article reported on the dwindling number of Armenians in. She chanced across the Armenian church when driving past, lucky 7 casino and hotel believes that with a little promotion, this historic building - and the tradition to which it bears testimony - could have a Armenians in Myanmar secure future. But the ceilings are high and the windows large, letting in light, the sound of raindrops, and the views of the lush, green garden. Elated, I decided to attend mass Sunday morning. Now, this trip would have a deeper meaning, a purpose if you. But the situation is not altogether grim. He was called to a meeting with the Catholicos Karekin II, who.