African Union invasion of Anjouan

Government of Comoros archipelago says it is back in control of Anjouan island, where a dissident colonel had declared himself president.
The invasion of Anjouan (code-named Operation Democracy in Comoros), backed by African Union (AU) forces, including troops from Sudan, Tanzania.
The Comoros archipelago enters yet other period of trouble as government troops invade the rebel island of. We even tried sanctions - a kind of soft way to put pressure - but they [Anjouan authorities] remained defiant and arrogant. The inside story on emergencies. Efforts by the African Union AU to negotiate a deal have failed to break the deadlock, as have sanctions targeting the freedoms and financial assets of Anjouan's leadership. The troops apparently arrived on four ships. We want to organise elections. The International Herald Tribune. Before the telephone lines were cut an Anjouan government spokesperson was quoted as saying: "They have decided to kill but we are not afraid. Exclusive COMOROS : African Union forces seek rebel leader

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888 casino online slots Mohammed Nedhoim is arrested by the African Union free online popcap games Comoran troops after beating him up. The federal government delayed African Union invasion of Anjouan elections because of security concerns, but Bacar went ahead with the poll and was declared victorious by a local electoral panel. Explosions and gunfire started before dawn as hundreds of troops moved in for a long-threatened attack backed by the African Union. A military invasion to restore Union government control on the renegade Comoran island of Anjouan seems imminent: "a matter of days", authorities have warned. David Mozersky, Horn of Africa director for the International Crisis Group.
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African Union invasion of Anjouan