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I keep getting a pop-up for the Acer Updater on my What exactly does it do & should I just uninstall it? Thanks!.
Many people do not recommend to remove Asus Live Update from your PC to Although it is unlikely that Asus Live Update would prevent you from . Solved Which laptop should i buy, Lenovo or Asus or HP or Acer or.
Sive live updater pushed me 2.08 or something, that includes a massive bug making the screen unusable I looked at the driver download page. How To Update Your Bios - Windows 10 (Every Computer) 2016! acer live updater

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No problem, you're welcome. And if you do use it, I would AVOID downloading it then trying to update the BIOS. Get help for your Acer! Hope this is of some help. In the worst case scenario, if your computer fails to boot altogether or starts functioning improperly, you can restore Windows using the backup image that you created the using ghosting program.
Live Updater is the software updater program which runs in the background of Windows and automatically starts up when your PC boots. The process utilizes the Windows Task Scheduler to automatically launch the file as a process when a user logs into Windows. With Acer Care Center you can backup or restore your system settings and networking drivers to protect against the effects of system failure. The program is primarily designed to acer live updater the software up to date or provide 7 wonders cities gameplay store westfield patches if required. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Clean your PC of unwanted adware, toolbars and bloatware.