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The Imperial Constitutions, derived their force at first from the powers conferred on Augustus in 735 A. U. C. : extended afterward to Vespasian and his.
The building of the Temple, we are told by Josephus', was begun in the eighteenth year of Herod the Great, i.e. Nisan I, I, 735 A.U. C. Reckoning. Simply select a language and press on the speaker button to listen to the pronunciation of the word. It helps much in understanding the Divine word, to observe the fulfilling of the Scriptures. In the top right corner, two Arabic numbers can be. This is a page from an Egyptian Christian 735 auc. This temple Herod the Great commenced repairing, or began to rebuild, in the eighteenth year 735 auc his reign - that is, sixteen years before the birth of Christ Jos.
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Passover at which this speech was delivered - the spring of A. So please feel free to celebrate the start of a century any day. Sprawk is a hosted service for translating your website. As Herod began to rebuild the temple sixteen years before the birth of Jesus, and as what is here mentioned happened in the thirtieth year of the age of Jesus, so the time which had been occupied in it was "forty-six years. There are quite a few theories about this. What do AD, BC, CE, and BCE stand for? The sole reign of Tiberius commenced two years later A.

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