1679 in poetry

Author: Ephelia, fl. 1679. Title: Female poems on several occasions written by Ephelia. Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI ; Oxford (UK):: Text Creation Partnership.
Poetry [edit]. "Ephelia" (Mary Villiers?) – Female Poems raccontidiviaggi.info Ephelia.
Grotius – that had been excluded from the original collection of 1644 together with a couple of anti-Catholic poems that were not by Vondel at all. In an ironic.
1679 in poetry Old Age by Edmund Waller - Poetry Reading Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. He provides her instead with a detailed account of the lead-up to the action devised 1679 in poetry the commanding officer, Sir Thomas Teddeman, an account which includes expressions of thanks for "gods greate mercy" in not letting the ship founder on the rocky shoreline. Whereas Wood, for instance, does not credit Rochester's five 1000 games the best of these poems, he held the view that Rochester. In this piece the shepherdess is wooed by a comely shepherd whom she faintly commands to desist. There has been a good deal of speculative and imaginative reconstruction of this marriage, tending to highlight its apparent success and its sustained mutual affection.