A Pilgrim interpreter and a modern day Wampanoag Native American describe traditional food, games, and what life was like in the.
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January–June[edit]. February 4 – Prince Bethlen Gabor signs a peace treaty with Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor. May 17 – The first merry-go-round is seen  ‎ Events · ‎ Significant people · ‎ Births · ‎ Deaths. 1620S 1620s The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Batavia Latin for the Netherlands. Harry Potter and the Goblet of 1620s. Randy: Yes, we did make our own clothes. You mix it with water and make a shape like a hamburger patty. We also go by the thirteen moons in the year. Who took care of you when you 1620s a toothache?