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Jon Favreau explains how he got Bill Murray attached to voice Baloo in The Jungle Book and recalls their trip to New Orleans. Andrea and Ruth Corden go to Texas to test their physical skills, meet Luke Bryan and Lady Gaga, and watch the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Unfortunately, your flower beds … and other landscaped areas provide the ideal combination of protection and loose ground cover. When James learns Simon Helberg earned a black belt as a child, the conversation quickly turns to measuring up against Jean-Claude Van Damme. For spam prevention, thanks.
After some intense rehearsing, James is ready for another try at Celebrity Noses but stumbles after a slip-up, requiring a moment of reflection. James and Kendall Jenner take turns asking each other very personal questions, like ranking the names of North, Saint and Dream, her nieces and nephew, or eating disgusting foods. James Corden heads to ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood to give a few movie theater employees a break while he takes over the concession stands and meets a friend. Sag Harbor's John Broich barrels down the final straightaway along Agawam Lake. After Vin Diesel explains to James how he looks forward to a day he can go back to eating whatever he wants whenever he wants, he uses an Oliver Twist classic to float the idea of he and James doing a Carpool Karaoke. James sits down with Troye Sivan to ask about his life after making hit music, and how he helped a fan come out to her mother. Inspired by Beyonce's "Lemonade" visual album, James Corden takes his audience on the journey to a Late 2 player fighting games computer games Show monologue.