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Peter Abelard April ['Abailard' or 'Abaelard' or 'Habalaarz' and so on] was the pre-eminent philosopher and theologian of the.
Peter Abelard (AD served as professor of philosophy and theology at the University of Paris and was a notable scholastic theologian. Scholasticism.
Peter Abelard (also spelled Abeillard, Abailard, etc., while the best manuscripts have Abaelardus) was born in the little village of Pallet, about ten miles east of. Peter Abelard- Planctus David super Saul et Ionatha

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Peter Abelard French theologian and poet. Jerome , according to whom Dionysius, Bishop of Corinth , was distinct from Dionysius the Areopagite, bishop of Athens and founder of the abbey, though, in deference to Bede, he suggested that the Areopagite might also have been bishop of Corinth. It consisted in placing before the student the reasons pro and contra , on the principle that truth is to be attained only by a dialectical discussion of apparently contradictory arguments and authorities... He took offence at Abelard's attempt to apply the tools of logic and dialectic to questions Bernard felt were properly mystical and spiritual. When his retreat became known, students flocked from Paris, and covered the wilderness around him with their tents and huts. Peter Abelard

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Aristotelian philosophy of mind offers two analyses of. Abelard and monastic reform: Cambridge University Press. References and Further Reading. Part of a series on. But Abelard will have nothing to do with.