aa vs kk high stakes poker databases

Sam Farah Vs Barry guy all in preflop with AA and KK. Who wins? BTW, Sam has class, offering to.
A complete walk through on how to do a poker database review. This is about looking at what some of the best players at your stake are .. best line to take versus certain types of opponents then we can exploit that by For instance, you used to only 4Bet with AA and KK and sometimes with AK or QQ.
doesn't make sense to continue with any hands other than Q-Q, K-K, or A-A. but my database of several million hands of high - stakes poker has shown that I. aa vs kk high stakes poker databases

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He recently founded the House of Cards Project, a philanthropic effort to provide food and shelter to disadvantaged families. Qq, Kk And Aa On Ipoker. Knowing what my own numbers are for each of these stats and being able to compare them to the best players at my stake is very useful in figuring out where my leaks may be. An ALL IN Expert Case Study. Once you apply the above filter it will now only show spots where you CBet the turn. Both Pokertracker and Hold'em Manager have forums and customer support that you can make use of if you can't figure something out. Find More Posts by rawbillyice. Thanks Justin, I like your blog. Antonio is such a fucking pussy nit. If your database is big enough you can use the filters to run profitability tests in other areas as. I do not recall seeing an article like this ever written. View Public Profile Send a private message to xBornToLosex Find More Posts by xBornToLosex Find Threads Started by xBornToLosex. Let me also know if you have any questions about anything that I talked about . high stakes poker aa vs kk