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Tournament Board #1 · Tournament Board Catan 5- 6 Player Board (30 tiles) · Seafarers Basic Catan + Catan 5- 6 Player Expansion + Traders & Barbarians.
Game Rules & Scenarios 3/4 Players (6.3 MB); Game Rules & Scenarios 5/ 6 Players (3.2 MB). Catan – Cities & Knights. Game Rules & Almanac 3-4 Players.
5- 6 Player Board. These officially licensed Catan Boards provide a flat, portable playing surface for multi- player Settlers of Catan games. Feaures include. Variants and Scenarios Helpers of Catan. The Settlers of Zarahemla. Separates into two halves for easy transport. Salt and Pepper shakers. What is the simplest way to do that? Card Games Expansion Packs.

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The official website for the world of Catan. Next, decide how long you want to play for! Awarding of Points for Nation Rankings. The Settlers of Canaan. Please note that Catan is a registered trademark of Catan GmbH, and Catan GmbH is not responsible for the contents of this site.
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