6 cardinal fields of gaze diagram

(in ophthalmology) one of six positions to which the normal eye may be turned. This test evaluates the functioning of the six extraocular muscles and cranial.
Rosenbaum near vision chart. – Over 40 yrs old Extraocular movements. – Cardinal fields of gaze CN VI –Abducens Nerve. ○ Extraocular movements.
can distinguish colors at 6 months Snellen Alphabet eye chart ; E chart - illiterate or not familiar with English test 6 cardinal fields of gaze ; tests CN III, IV, VI. With the right eye looking to the right, if the SR muscle also were to contract, it is not hard to visualize how the front of the eye would move upward. In this case, when the normal eye is covered, thus forcing the strabismic eye to 6 cardinal fields of gaze diagram over, the strabismic eye usually does not point exactly straight at the object being fixated. These and other single muscle movements are not found on the chart in the previous section, as that chart shows only yoked eye movements. Sign up with one click:. Imagine the eye being adducted turned toward the nose by the medial rectus MR muscle not pictured. 6 cardinal fields of gaze diagram