284 BC

When wildcatters necked the. 284 case down to 6.5 during the late the resulting 6.5- 284 cartridge was able to fire a high BC 140 grain bullet at similar.
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Year 284 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. At the time it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Tucca and Denter/Dentatus The  Years ‎: ‎ 287 BC ‎; ‎ 286 BC ‎; ‎ 285 BC ‎; 284 BC; ‎ 283.
284 BC The Great Lighthouse is built on the island of Pharos in the harbor of. First plebeian Pontifex Maximus. Some rifles are capable of higher velocities but it 284 BC just as common to find best accuracy at velocities lower than stated. End of the Second Punic. Sign-up for E-mail 284 BC. As an outgrowth of this, it is not uncommon for hunters to look at these desirable features and attempt to adapt them to long range hunting.

284 BC -

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