1916 Atlantic hurricane season

The 1935 Atlantic hurricane season ran from June 16 through October 31, The 1935 .. "A Reanalysis of the 1916, and 1935 Tropical Cyclones of the North Atlantic Basin" (PDF). NOAA. Archived (PDF) from the original  Major hurricanes (Cat. 3+) ‎: ‎3.
The 1916 Atlantic hurricane season ran through the summer and the first half of fall in The season is one of only two in which two major hurricanes were.
Unnamed Hurricane, July 14, 1916, 115, South Carolina. 9. Unnamed Hurricane, June 23, 115, Gulf of Mexico. 10. Hurricane Able, May 21. Top 10 Worst Hurricane Seasons Additionally, observations on the event resulted in a greater understanding of other weather features that took similar paths. September saw two storms, and the final tropical cyclone—Hurricane Five—existed during October. Hurricane Katrina Information Archive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It quickly crossed the island and moved over the Straits of Florida. 1916 Atlantic hurricane season