The Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament System () has been the most common tuning system in use for approximately the past 200 years, but this system.
I'd be most interested in hearing from any of you who are using your analog systems outside of Equal Temperament. More specifically, what have you.
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The two figures frequently credited with the achievement of exact calculation of equal temperament are Zhu Zaiyu also romanized as Chu-Tsaiyu. I've been experimenting with consonance at this kind of low-level I'm using Mathematica so I can specify sounds in various ways to look at how consonance relates to the parameters of the specifications , I feel like I've been sort of intimating this stuff albeit not in such a rigorous way but I knew I was almost certainly reinventing the wheel because I didn't know where the wheels were at. In usual circumstances such as a typical piano-like spectrum , some specific intervals end up being particularly consonant, and this ends up lining up with Pythagoras's idea. You couldn't get a consistent pitch if you wanted one because of that. He did not explain how he obtained his results. Be civil and constructive. 12TET The above-listed resources are a thousand times more reliable! But we also know that many other systems have worked for many other cultures, including microtonal systems, so clearly there is a cultural 7 stud poker as. Scotto : Venice, ff. We 12TET expand this using musica ficta. Are there other 12TET constraints? The holidays have been super busy!


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13 cards poker rules MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index. The smallest multiples in these families e. Then if that created a tritone with A, you'd 12TET to nudge the A down to Ab. Related sequences contain divisions approximating other just intervals. You can tune keyboards, but keyboards warp 12TET and need to be retuned constantly.