Local Government Boundary Commission for England (1972)

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England was appointed in November 1972 under Part IV of the same Act. The Act provided for the.
Government Boundary Commission for. England. The Commission was set up under the Local Government Act, 1972 ', as a permanent body to keep under.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOTTOMRY' COMMISSION FOH ENGLAND Local Government Act 1972, having regard to the Department of the Environment. Local Government Boundary Commission for England (1972) The allocation of functions differed between the metropolitan and the non-metropolitan areas the so-called ' shire counties ' — for example, education and social services were the responsibility of the shire counties, but in metropolitan areas was given to the districts. Certificates of British Citizenship. Geography Department, University of Cambridge. Parliament of the United Kingdom. Lord Sanford noting that "nowhere else is faced with problems of communication with its neighbours which are in any way comparable. In England a series of incremental measures amended it. They appear at the foot of the relevant provision or under the associated heading.